18 hectars of newly planted vineyards

Son Antem covers a total of 33 hectares of sloping land wrapped around a hillside. Since 2019 the Lidby family has planted 18 hectares of vineyards which are divided into several different plots with ten different grape varieties. The soil on the island is predominantly rich in limestone. A thorough scientific study of the soils conducted in collaboration with a geology professor from Palma University revealed that Son Antem has six distinct soil types – perfect for the growing vines. The estate is organically certified since vintage 2023.

Grape varieties

White grape varieties: Giro Rós, Malvasia, Chardonnay

Red grape varieties: Callet, Syrah, Monastrell, Manto Negro, Garnacha, Cabernet, Merlot

The vineyards

Back in 2019, the Lidby family planted a variety of different vines starting with 13.5 hectares and followed in 2020 of an additional 4.5 hectares. Today there are 18 hectares of newly planted vineyards. 6.5 hectares are planted with white grape varieties and 11.5 with red grape varieties. All vineyards have an east to northwest exposure and are all planted on slopes. The estate is organically certified as of vintage 2023.